Digital Exam


Digital exam is a product which would transform the pattern of exam from Offline to online mode. Our product is most reliable application with best user interface which makes the end user to use it without any hassles. We are looking for a change in the mode of exam pattern which is being followed by ages. Here we are with our application which would help you to conduct the Assessment in a new pattern in this digitalized Era.

Making Examinations a Seamless Experience

Smart Institutions

Increase your reach via digital registration. Simplify your process with our integrated payment solution. Avoid all the hassles of managing large centers.

Smart Students

Save time on traveling to test centers. Receive actionable feedback with relevant benchmarks. Access industry validated questions.

Student Features

  • Access all marks memos of all exams attended till date.
  • View the exam schedules, tuition fee payments & dues.
  • Access the repository of study material and download.
  • Ability to self evaluate one’s performance.
  • Prepare for competitive exams after graduation.
  • Conducting work shops like Animations, Video game development , Job alerts and also providing report cards like Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.


  • Auto saves the exam to resume at last terminated point during times of system crash.
  • Every exam is protected with a unique randomly generated password making the evaluation system more secure, reliable and dependable.
  • Student friendly system addressing all needs of a graduation student end-to-end.
  • Can hold large and exhaustive repository of questions.
  • Generates unique questions in a givn exam for each student.
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